mellow yellow…

{J.Crew shirt; J.Brand jeans; ShoeMint loafers; Ray-Ban sunnies]

I bought this shirt for a recent trip to Thailand. I loved the gorgeous marigold color, cool pattern, and vintage vibe. The last time I wore it was on the beach drinking out of the coconut, so I wasn’t sure how it would translate to the city. Now I love that I can throw on jeans and loafers and still feel that cool, easy vibe whether I’m on a beach in Thailand or a San Francisco street.

fish tacos…

DSCN0657DSCN0639DSCN0635 DSCN0643   DSCN0651I never order fish tacos at a restaurant. Mostly because I don’t like a lot of condiments and I’m always afraid I’ll get some variation of mayonnaise (ew) as the sauce. But the other night I was trying to come up with a meal that was fresh and light and fish tacos seemed like the perfect option! I looked up some recipes that appealed to me and combined my favorite elements to make these. Turns out they are super easy, delicious and make you feel like you are beachside. I’ve already made them two more times!

you will need:

2-4 filets of white fish (like sea bass or tilapia)

3 limes

purple cabbage

1/2 a bunch of cilantro

small corn tortillas

1 garlic clove

1 jalapeño

olive oil



Start cooking your fish by heating up a skillet (medium-high) and adding a little olive oil. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper on both sides of your filets and add to the pan.

For your sauce, add the cilantro (minus a few leaves for garnish), garlic, jalapeño (the more seeds you add the spicier it will be), and the juice of two limes. Add a little olive oil to get it blending and continue to add as needed. You should have a sauce that is creamy, not too oily and runny.

Flip over your fish to cook both sides. When your fish is almost done, start breaking it into small pieces with a fork or spatula.

Cut up your cabbage and toss it in a bit of the sauce.

If you want to heat up your tortillas, you can. Otherwise add a dollop of sauce on each one and top with your cabbage, fish, and a couple slices of avocado. Garnish with cilantro and some lime slices.




homemade matzo ball soup…  The other night I had the apartment to myself and decided I would spend the evening catching up on my DVR over a hot bowl of homemade Matzo Ball Soup. I don’t care who you are or how you grew up, Matzo Ball Soup is a comfort food everybody loves. It’s like a being curled up in a blanket by the fire – in a bowl. It makes you feel right at home no matter where you are. While I didn’t grow up with a grandmother who made it for me, I have enjoyed it my whole life at places like Max’s Cafe and Jerry’s Famous Deli. Here is a recipe I whipped up that is super easy, quick, and will hit the spot.

you will need:

for the matzo balls:

1 cup matzo

4 large eggs (I used 2 full eggs + 2 egg whites)

1/4 cup water

1/4 vegetable oil (I used coconut oil)

1 tsp. pepper

for the soup:

1 box vegetable broth (you can use any kind of broth you want)

1/2 cup onions, diced

2 garlic cloves, minced

pinch of red pepper flakes

salt to taste

parsley to garnish


in a bowl, mix the matzo, eggs, water, oil, and pepper. once mixed, place in the refrigerator to set for at least 30 minutes.

in a pot, heat a little bit of oil. once hot, add the onions.

cook until translucent (about 3 minutes) and add the garlic and red pepper flakes. cook for about a minute more.

add the whole box of vegetable broth, salt to taste, and bring to a boil then set to simmer.

start another pot of slightly salted water.

once your matzo is ready, wet your fingers a bit (to prevent sticking) and start rolling your matzo into balls depending on what size you prefer. (I like medium to large matzo balls and yes, I know how that sounds).

drop your matzo balls into the boiling water, cover with a lid, and simmer for 30 minutes or until they are fully cooked through.

strain your broth and transfer the matzo balls.

serve hot and garnish with some parsley.



1760 - www.laircake.comhamachi crudo - www.laircake.comlobster ceviche - www.laircake.comshishito peppers - www.laircake.combrussel sprouts - www.laircake.comasparagus ravioli - www.laircake.commaccheroni - www.laircake.comwarm banana bread - www.laircake.com1760 - www.laircake.comThere are few things I love more than enjoying good food with great friends and family, so when my sister invited my mom and I out to try 1760, I was in. This Polk St. eatery boosts a modern, ingredient driven menu that offers everything from Cavier, with scallop tartar and uni, to Cavetelli, a 48 hour lamb shoulder. With a hint of asian influence, deciding on what to order from the array of unique menu items proved a challenge (we wanted it all). 1760 has found a way to turn the everyday into brand new and the dishes we finally decided on offered a creative twist on items we thought we knew. The Shisto Peppers were brilliantly covered in olives, hazelnuts, and smoked sea salt (which I ended up eating by the spoonful), the Asparagus Ravioli was smooth, creamy and bathed in an amazing mushroom dashi, and the Maccheroni boosted big pieces of fresh dungeness crab deliciously slathered in a green onion-serrano chile pesto. While all of the dishes we tried were incredible (my mouth is watering just writing this), my favorite was the Hamachi Crudo with avocado-preserved lemon, yuzo kosho, and spring flowers. As somebody who loves and knows good sushi, I would argue that this plate sits comfortably at the top of my list for best hamachi dish I’ve ever had. It was light, fresh, and beautifully presented. If for no other reason (although I can think of a ton – including their unique craft cocktail list and out-of-this-world Warm Banana Bread dessert), you must try 1760 for the Hamachi Crudo.

spring lace…  {Brandy Melville top (similar here); re:named pencil skirt; Zara heels; Ray-Ban sunnies; Vintage jewelry}

Pencils skirts are one of those items that are super flattering on a curvy figure, but seem like a lot of work. They have the tendency to look like I’m going to the office or like I’m trying too hard. However, in my quest to find some cute midi-skirts  (a recent obsessed of mine) I found this lilac gem. The color is amazing and it feels playful and fresh. Pairing it with a loose top keeps it feeling relaxed and perfect for a sunny spring day.

splurge vs. save

mid-heelA trend I’ve been eyeing is the mid-heel sandal. While this is not a new look (I think I had a pair in middle school that I thought were sky high), my sudden desire for them is. I am only 5’1″, so shoes have always come in two heights: super high or flat. I was always under the impression that anything in between wouldn’t be flattering or would make me look like I was revisiting my middle school days (and not in the cool throwback kind of way). It was my sister who ultimately convinced me to give the look a try. She tried these Valentino sandals on in white and, being short as well, I was amazed that she didn’t look anything, but chic and modern. When I finally tried them on myself, I knew I would have to give into this look. While $995 is more than I’m willing to spend on a trend I haven’t committed to yet, this Tory Burch option gives a similar vibe and the perfect compliment to a flowy summer dress or A-line midi skirt. 

What trends are you excited about trying this spring?

white noise…

The other day I decided to top my casual look with a 80′s-working-girl-meets-lady gaga-meets-the-financial-district white blazer. It’s not typically a piece that I reach for (perhaps because one of the last times I wore it out was for Halloween 2012 and I was an 80′s groupie), but for some reason this day I decided to give it a whirl. The response I got as I strutted my stuff to work was amazing! As women, we are constantly being oogled, cat-called, hit on, and watched. While this behavior usually annoys me (can I live?!), I can’t deny that it indeed felt good getting a few compliments when all my squishy bits were well covered and I was rocking jeans and sneaks. A lesson that the best accessory is confidence (and maybe a white blazer).

{Asos blazer; Brandy Melville top; J.Brand jeans; New Balance sneaks; Ray-Ban sunnies}