holy water…

For the past year or so, I have been on this journey towards a more organic, natural lifestyle. My goal is not to become the perfect example of good health, but rather equip myself with the knowledge to make better decisions. Don’t get me wrong, I still have days where I don’t wash my vegetables or I eat like an elephant while drinking beer. Finding a balance has been my main goal and adopting new habits that fit into my life. The latest development in this journey has been the introduction to Natural Spring Water…like straight from nature! water3water2My boyfriend’s sister is my health food encyclopedia. She recently informed me that chemicals (like chlorine and fluoride) are used in our tap water and the chemicals from plastic seep into our bottled water. I know what you are going to say – if we examine everything closely we will find something wrong, but again this knowledge is to make better decisions, not become earth-loving hippies who only eat what they grow and drink purified rain water (although, that does sound pretty nice). Natural spring water comes from deep within the mountains and tastes like no water I have ever tried! I felt tingly as I drank this living water. Like nature’s brita filter – it came out pure and clear without all the chemicals we find in our tap water. water5Yes – compared to getting water from your kitchen sink, it is a trek to find a spring, fill then refill your glass bottles every time you want water. However, there is nothing like experiencing some nature once in a while.  Findaspring.com is a website that shows you where there is a natural spring near you. You can even listen to this fitting song from one of my favorite bands, 2am Club – “Natural Spring Water” on your way there! Trust me, the view alone will be worth the trip!waterview

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