diy: cork stamps…

It’s wedding season and between my sister getting married and a few friends getting married, I have been receiving (and sending) a bunch of invitations. This got me thinking about good ol’ fashioned mail. With e-vites and e-mail, very rarely do people receive letters anymore about anything. I love getting a nice letter or card and decided to make my own homemade cards to share with friends and family just because. The cutest and easiest way to make your own cards that look professionally done is by using stamps. I decided to make my own using the many corks I have collected through the years (I happen to love me some prossecco and red wine). It’s a fun diy that you can use for many different occasions and an easy way to upcycle!

you will need:

wine or champagne corks.
an exacto knife.
blank cards and envelopes.
stamp ink pads.
a pen or pencil.

First, you will want to make a mark with your pen at the bottom of the cork in the shape you want your stamp to be, such as a heart.

Carefully (I cut my finger on the first try), cut away the extra cork around the shape. I recommend holding the cork parallel to the table, flat and very still. Then cut parallel to the cork around part of the shape, then perpendicular to the cork so the cuts meet in the middle and fall away. Do not try to pick too much at the cork as it might cause it to tear within your shape.

Next, dip your new stamp in the ink and stamp your card or envelop. You might have to do a couple rounds of this to get a nice deep color.

I finished my cards by adding a little faux-calligraphy in cute phrases that went along with my stamp shapes. I can’t wait to send these!