green clean – day 1


So, I have decided to do another 3 day juice cleanse. I have done this a couple times before, once for 5 days and once for 3 days (surprisingly the 5 day was the easiest!) and I think that it’s important to give the ol’ digestion system a break once in a while. For those of you thinking about doing a cleanse or wondering “is my cleanse normal?”, I am going to be reporting back each night to let you know how it is going. This juice cleanse is a little different than the ones I have done in the past because it is mostly green juices. For the past few weeks I have been making green juice for breakfast (using this no-juicer method plus recipe coming soon!) and I have developed quite a taste for it. I realize that it can be an acquired taste, so if you are new to cleansing and your body is not adjusted to juicing, I recommend choosing the most basic cleanse to start. (Most websites do a good job at explaining the different levels and you can choose based on your personal comfort zone and tastebuds). I will try to be as detailed as possible and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask! TEAMWORK!!

First and foremost, I ordered my cleanse from Pressed Juicery and it cost me $220 for 3 days. That includes 6 juices per day plus 2 extra juices – chlorophyll with H20 and Aloe Vera H2O juice. The other site that I highly recommend (if you are in the bay area) is called Juice Shop. However, I chose Pressed Juicery this time because you can choose your own juices and what girl doesn’t love options?! Depending on how many days you are cleansing, you will get your juices in one or two shipments. Each juice is numbered and the instructions included are very clear. 

The juices I chose for each day are (in order):

1. Greens 3: kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon, ginger

2. Citrus 4: cucumber, pineapple, lemon, coconut h2o, aloe vera

3. Greens 1.5: kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery, lemon, lime

4. Greens 3kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon, ginger

5. Greens 2: kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon

6. Chocolate Almond: almonds, dates, cacao, filtered water.

extras: chlorophyll h2o and aloe vera h2o.

Day 1:

This morning I woke up and started my day with a cup of hot water with lemon (allowed on this cleanse). Then when I was feeling hungry, I had my first juice (Green 3) around 10:30am. Since I am now used to having a green juice for breakfast, it felt like a typical day. The juice was delicious (if you like green juice, which I do) and I felt like “I got this”. I went along with my normal exercise routine (a 2 mile jog) without any major changes. I was particularly tired this morning, but I think that had more to do with my overactive dreaming last night than the juice this morning.


I decided to dive right into my second juice (Citrus 4) after my run (I want to make sure I am finished with my juices by at the latest 7pm) around 11:30am. I brought the juice with me with an icepack to keep it cold. This juice was much lighter in flavor, almost like cucumber water you get at the spa, but with a tad more punch. Super easy to drink and, again, delicious. My energy started picking up and I was not craving any food. Until..I went grocery shopping with my boyfriend (big mistake). Usually I am in charge of food shopping and cooking, but since I am on this cleanse my boyfriend needed to pick up some meals for the next few days. Of course, he decided on pasta, sandwiches, and frozen pizza! It was hard to look at all this food around me and know I wasn’t going to get a bite. Suddenly, I wanted to eat everything! I haven’t had a bagel bite for probably a year and the second I caught a glimpse of that red and yellow box, I knew I had to get out of there…fast. (Plus, I really had to pee at this point).

Once I was home and away from food mecca, my cravings simmered down and I was able to restrain myself from eating. With my energy levels still up, I drank down about 1/4 of the chlorophyll h2o juice (it’s recommended to drink that throughout the day) and grabbed my third juice (Greens 1.5) around 2:15pm. I gotta admit, this one is not my favorite. I think it is the lime that makes it have a little bit of a bitter after taste. However, it’s not intolerable and I only have to drink it 2 more times, so I think I can manage. I definitely still felt like I have the energy to do things…work, cleaning, showering, etc.

It’s 3:30, Juice 4 (again Greens 3) and feeling good! I had to order my (early family) birthday cupcakes online (why has this day been all about yummy food?!) and I wasn’t feeling any need-to-have-those-now cravings (although, the s’more and coconut flavors have me super excited for my birthday dinner with the fam). I even mustered up the courage to watch Chopped (food network is my favorite go-to channel). I’m feeling productive and I’m not hungry at all. What I am starting to feel is this weird craving to simply chew food. It’s like my brain misses the act of eating more than the actual food. I plan on distracting myself with work and chores and carry on

I am starting my 5th juice (Greens 2) at 5:30pm, so that by the time my boyfriend makes his dinner, I will be on my last juice which I am anticipating to be my favorite (chocolate almond!!). This green juice is my favorite so far. It is very close to the Greens 3 juice, but maybe a little less sweet? I’ll determine a better difference when I drink them again tomorrow. The apple flavor really comes through on both the Green 2 and 3 juice which makes it super easy to drink. I also drank half of the leftover chlorophyll which I am really starting to like! It tastes just like watered down iced tea…in a good way. I’m not hungry, but I am starting to have more cravings. Maybe it’s the chopped marathon I am currently distracting myself with, but suddenly 2 more days of green juices is seeming a lot longer. I am determined to get through this though! For now I am just going to relax, maybe watch something less drool worthy, and pat myself on the back for a job well done! (so far).

It’s 6:30pm and I am getting hungry! Dinner is my favorite meal of the day and it is starting to set in that I won’t be able to eat for another 2 days! I finished the rest of the chlorophyll and will grab my last juice once my boyfriend has made his dinner (spaghetti…yum!!) so we can “eat” together and watch our usual dinnertime TV (Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune…you know…the classics).

7:00pm and it’s time for my last juice (Chocolate Almond)! HOLY YUM!!! It tastes just like creamy chocolate milk! I was starting to really start to feel the hunger pains, especially since now our apartment smells like delicious spaghetti!! Thank you, last juice, for being chocolate! Otherwise, I probably would have sneaked a couple bites of spaghetti. I am standing strong and going to try really hard to focus on Jeopardy while my boyfriend eats a huge plate of spaghetti next to me…did I mention he made spaghetti?! Can you tell I’m hungry?

To finish off my night, I plan on drinking the aloe vera h2o (which has a barely there flavor). Overall, I felt good today. I had a lot of energy in the middle of the day and it only started to wane around 5pm. I hope my cravings subside a bit and get a second wind because it is hard to watch my boyfriend eat. I’ve also had to use the bathroom a lot (TMI?), but that is to be expected since I have been drinking liquids all day! It is also important to relax and not push your body too hard. Remember, you are giving your body a break! I plan on going to bed early, sleeping well, and waking up reenergized and ready to take on day 2!! Stay tuned!