love love love…
// Once you have one donut, you’ll crave them forever apparently // The gorgeous place setting from my friend’s anniversary dinner //

// Pretty much the best picture I’ll get from him // Cioppino on a cloudy day //

 // This was my view this time last year #nofilter //

 Sorry I was MIA yesterday (and a tad late today), I just found out I got a promotion at work and wanted to take the night off to celebrate! I am on cloud nine after news like that right before my three day weekend. Fourth of July weekend always feels like the real start of summer. Everybody makes plans to be outside grilling with friends or family and I am no different. I will be spending tomorrow by a pool with friends before heading over to my sister’s house for a bit of family time. I hope you all have a great weekend and I will see you back here on Monday! xo