love love love…


// Just look at this face!!! //

// New pillows giving me major boho vibes //


// The ceiling looked like it was on fire at the SHN Orphenum Theater – we saw Wicked and loved it! // 


// Finally tried Liho Liho Yacht Club & it was better than I could’ve ever imagined //


// I’ve been making easy recipes on Snapchat – follow along for all the fun (@laircake). This is a delicious potato and broccoli frittata //

I’ve got big plans for this weekend. I was staying with my mom yesterday and noticed that her kitchen is totally organized. The pantry has designated can, baking goods and snack sections and she’s even gone so far as to organize the savory and sweet spices into separate trays! Also, I noticed in her fridge, all her produce is already cleaned, chopped and put into tupperware or gallon ziploc bags, so you can just grab as you need. Genuis! Now, I don’t claim to be Miss Organization like her, but she got me thinking about how to develop some of those same habits for my own apartment. Since it’s much smaller, saving space is key. So, this weekend, I plan on going through my cupboards – tossing what does not need to be there and organizing the rest by contents. If I have time, I also plan on organizing my fridge as that is the place that not only sees the most action, but tends to get the most out of control. Nothing is more annoying than remembering you have something, only to find it’s gone bad (usually cucumbers for me). Wish me luck! Happy Friday! xo