monthly beauty buys…


  1. Benefit Puff Off!: Often times I wake up with puffy eyes and dark circles. Since I don’t want to spend my days looking like I never sleep, I went looking for a product that would help. Enter: Puff off! First of all, the applicator is metal and cool to the touch which immediately diminishes the swelling. Then the cream helps smooth out the puffiness and fine lines around your eyes. I swear this thing works almost instantly and I love keeping it on my at all times, just in case!
  2. Fromm Beauty 1907 Square Thermal Brush c/o: When Fromm Beauty reached out to me to try their products I was so excited! I love using round brushes and couldn’t wait to try this new shape and technology. Seriously, the brush works amazing! The square shape gives you the option of blow-drying your hair straight, wavy or curled. Also, the ceramic barrel conducts heat so well, it protects your hair by lessening the drying time. I have an in-depth tutorial coming soon for you guys, but I love this product so much I just couldn’t wait to share.
  3. Fresh Sugar Lip Polish: My biggest pet peeve with when I apply lipstick and it almost instantly starts flaking off. What makes it worse, is that it used to happen to me all the time! I’ve never been one to take care of my lips the way I should. Recently, I decided to do something about that because my favorite fall makeup look is a light eye with a dark lip! This Fresh Sugar Lip Polish is super gentle and hydrating. It sloughs off the dead skin, leaving me with a smooth kisser. It also smells delicious!!
  4. Evo Ritual Salvation Shampoo & ConditionerI am a sucker for new hair products, so whenever I get my haircut I always end up leaving with something new. (I’m pretty sure my hairdresser knows this and swindles me, but it makes me happy so I allow it) This Evo shampoo and conditioner not only smells amazing, but it leaves my hair soft and silky. Plus the bottles are so cute and say funny things, so I am not only being beautified in the shower, but I am also being entertained!
  • Love benefit products! They always make me look and feel great.

    • I seriously think I have everything Benefit ever made! I also get my brows waxed at their store…I just love them! xo

  • Kathy

    Wow! I really need to try all of these out. They all sound amazing and I think I need all of them. Thanks for sharing them with us along with your reviews. Have a great weekend!


    • Haha you sound like me! I love trying new beauty products and get so excited when I find some that actually make their way into my daily routine. Let me know what you think if you decide to pick any of these up. xo

  • I’m gonna try the shampoo and conditioner, my hair is always so dry. Thank you for sharing!

    xo, Esther

    • Let me know what you think! I’ve had great results with it. The conditioner is a little thick, but I just open the top of the bottle and squeeze that way. Love the smell too! xo

  • The Benefit Puff off sounds like a perfect solution for tired eyes! Thanks for sharing!


    • It’s amazing! I love it! xo