pillow talk…

twopillowsdoneI know, I know…I have been MIA lately. It has been a busy couple of weeks working on new projects, recipes, a new internship, and, of course, celebrating the fourth with friends and family. I am working hard to gather everything I have been learning over these past couple weeks to share with you guys!

One of the projects I have been working on is making custom pillows for my cousin’s new house. It is something I have never done before and I am loving how they turned out…definitely making myself some is next on the list. Decorative pillows are such a great, easy way to decorate or update any space. I find they add such a homey and comfortable touch (probably because my mother has a million pillows on her couch, I have picked up the same habit). Making your own is actually pretty easy and quick! Check out this video for a visual.

for two pillows, you will need: (I made 20 x 20 inch pillows, but it is easy to adjust measurements to fit your needs.)

Two 20 x 20 inch pillows.

Four 20 x 20 inch squares of the upholstry fabric you choose to use (1 inch will be seam allowance).

2 pieces of 80 inch long trim (if you choose to use a trim).

Sewing machine.


Needle and Thread to match your fabric.


Taking your squares of fabric, determine which side you want to be the outside, or visible side of your pillow. This will be called the “right side”.

On the “right side”, pin your trim one inch along one side of the square starting, not at the corner, but about 4 inches down.

set up

Using your zipper foot, or piping foot if you have one, start sewing the trim down and inch from the raw edge.

When you reach the corner, snip notches in the trim, so it can easily turn the corner without bunching the fabric. Do not try to make a perfect 90 degree turn. If you let it curve, the fabric and trim will work with you much easier.


Continue sewing the trim down all the way around the pillow until you meet up again with your starting point.


Lay the second piece of fabric on top of the first, this time “right side” down, so that both “right sides” are facing each other and in the middle.

Starting from where you started sewing the trim, sew an inch in from the edge or along the trim if you can feel it through the fabric.

Sew around all four corners, but stop after you curve around the fourth corner, leaving one side open.

Using the open side, flip the pillow case inside out, so that the “right side” is now on the outside, three sides are sew together, and one side is still open.

Make sure all the corners are popped out and stuff the pillowcase with your pillow. Make sure all the pillow corners are filling the corners of the pillowcase.

Get your needle and thread ready to hand sew your pillow closed.

Tuck in the raw edges one inch, so that when you sew the pillows closed you can not see the raw edges.

Sew the pillow closed, making your stitch as discreet as possible.

hand sew

Plump your pillow to make sure the cover is snug and all the corners are filled.