vintage update…





If you’re like me (and new to the whole being an adult thing) then you probably still have some of your furniture from college or first apartment and I’m going to venture a guess that it is from Ikea. Not that there is anything wrong with Ikea, it just means that we’re not quite in a place where we start investing in 18th century Chippendale furniture worthy of the Antique Roadshow. One piece that has come with me through all my apartments is my television stand. It has served me well and I don’t really feel the need to change it just yet. What I like about it is that it’s a blank canvas I am able to decorate or redecorate without breaking the bank. As I start developing an interior style (my mom calls mine “world eclectic”, I call it a mish mosh of sorts), I focus on what makes me feel at home. Mostly, I gravitate towards vintage pieces or things that look lived-in-a-cool-not-dirty-kind-of-way. Lucky for me, there are tons of antique shops, flea markets, and estate sales that cater to my style. There is also Ebay. I recently ordered these old crates from Ebay and I love how they transform my typical looking television stand to something more personalized and stylish. Plus they are a great way to hide the things that would otherwise look like a big mess in these open shelves – puzzles, DVD’s, my N64 system, and miscellaneous. They reflect my style in a way that looks calculated instead of accidental and if I ever decide to upgrade to mid-century cabinetry, I can use them in so many other ways!